To WordPress or not to WordPress

by David on January 22, 2011


Joomla and WordPress are popular Content Management Systems (CMS). They are popular for many reasons, such as they are easy to use and there are no subscription fees. As a website designer, I get many inquiries about clients that would like to have a CMS incorporated in their site. Many people like the idea of being able to update their own sites, which can be a good idea.

When Joomla and WordPress make sense to use:
If you are updating your site often, such as every week or two, it can be a cost effective way of managing a website. It also is a good way to become familiar with the CMS interface, which means it shouldn’t take you an excessive amount of time to remember how to make the changes to your site.

They are also good systems for promoting interaction with your clients as they may offer ways for people to leave comments on your site which can help enrich your site.

When using Joomla and WordPress may not make sense to use:
If you don’t need (or want) your website updated very often, such as every six months or a year, it may not make sense to have a CMS, like Joomla or WordPress. There are many reasons for this, first the cost, compared to a standard html site can be higher, as it may take the designer longer to tweak the CMS to set up, and as we all know, time is money.

Security; The Joomla and WordPress communities are dedicated to keeping their respective scripts as hacker resistant as possible. But the systems are targets for attack as there are many people who look to exploit weaknesses in code to mess up people’s sites. Website designers can keep the software up to date but they need to charge the client for the time it takes to update the scripts.

Backups: If you are updating your own site you need to make sure that you have a method in place to make backups of your site. If there is a website server failure or your site is hacked you need to make sure that you have a recent backup.

Remembering how to use the system: It’s like anything you use, if you use it a lot, it is easy. If you don’t, you may struggle to remember how to operate it, wasting your time and money (let alone the frustration!).

An advantage to having your webdesigner maintain your site is that the upfront costs may be lower using an html site, plus if there is a server failure, the web designer should have the most recent copy of your site.

David Radzikiewicz

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